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[SYNAPSES] Let´s defeat the "Party of the Chainsaw" with Conscious Market? Because our imperfect democracy (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) is corrupted - £ (Agribusiness). Boycott Ox and Soybean derivatives and Ethanol

Cause of  Boycott from Ox and Soybean derivatives  and Ethanol:

  • 2 / 3 of deforested areas in the Cerrado and Forests, turned into pastures for cattle and soon after in soybean fields

As often happens: [grabbing public land] + [work slave or semi-slave] + [Sale of  hardwood removed, for creating pastures and purchase of cattle with Capital generated] + [Destruction of others plants, usually with burning (= our main contribution to Global Warming)].

  • Expansion of the Cultivation of Ethanol "pushes" (by increasing the price of land) the Traditional Livestock (wasting lands, with rudimentary techniques to create in pastures) for areas of Cerrado and Forests.

Our equivalent to the U.S. Tea Party, is the Rural Caucus - takes care of specific sectorial interests to the detriment of the community - present in several political associations, but votes together to serve the interests of those who finance them: Agribusiness. They have enough votes to overturn any veto of State Governments, Mayors and Presidency to the projects of their interest. Here our political challenge: how to make our democracy better represent the real interests of the majority and not of powerful interest groups who buy our "representatives" in time of election campaigns.

As consumers, well-informed we have the Market Power in our hands and wallets: just think of our interests, not just those monetary - low price - to choose what to buy.

We can not let them "get what they believe to have gained" in parliamentary maneuvers.

As one initial participation reflects and resend this message to your contacts (if you think that this is a just cause).

(This version, in English, try to make this campaign became a global initiative through Social Networks).

The Criminals Farmers must be punished for their crimes  AND obliged to conform to the forest legislation, which ignored until now.

By the logic of large farmers (expressed by Katia Abreu): Nem (one drug dealer) and partners should not be arrested. We  would be satisfied with their promise to help drug addicts and the families of those they killed!

What would happen if the crimes of drug dealer was applied for amnesty intended for deforester.

"The omission of honest men is the success of crooks."

Deforester can recover kills instead of paying fine
Deforested farms without permission or license fined by 2008, can to convert fines in environmental restoration services
November 23, 2011 | 17h 15

ROSA COSTA– Agência Estado
All farms that were deforested  without authorization or license, fined up to 2008, may convert the fines in environmental restoration services. This is contained in the basic text of Jorge Viana  (PT-AC), approved this afternoon in the Environment Commission (MAC). Accepted by Viana was proposed by 15 senators and presented by Senator Luiz Henrique (PMDB-SC), rapporteur for the topic in the committees on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), Science and Technology (CCT) and Agriculture (CA).

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Modified part which included the conversion to fines in environmental restoration services only for family farmers and landowners up to four fiscal modules, fined up to 2008. Highlights of the Senate to the text will be examined tomorrow. Substitute the CMA, Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), the power base of government, voted against the report, which contradicted the expectation that reached the floor a consensus text. Senators Randolfe Rodrigues (AP) Marinor Brito (PA), both the PSOL, also opposed the opinion of Viana. The vote in the plenary of the code must occur in the first half of December and then the text will be reviewed by the House of Representatives.


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